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OUAT_Stamping NOW OPEN!!!!!

Hello, everyone! I'm pleased to announce that ouat_stamping is now accepting applications. Applications will then be accepted to the comm and posted sometime on Sunday. If you'd like to submit an application, please make sure you join the community and read the rules. If you'd like to promote the community, you will find a banner here, and if you'd like to affiliate, please comment here.

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xXx in general xXx

  • You must join the community to submit an application and to vote on applications.
  • All members must be civil. This is a flame-free, troll-free, drama-free community. We mods will try to keep on top of any and all suspicious activity, but it's not possible for us to be in all places at all times. If you see something inappropriate or offensive, please leave us a note here.

xXx for applying xXx

  • You must be a member of this community to submit an application.
  • You must vote on any !unstamped applications and link back to them on your application.
  • You must use the phrase Once Upon A Time as your subject line for your main character stamp. For any theme stamps, you must use Stamped: Character X/Theme Y (example: Stamped: Rumplestiltskin/Mirror Theme) as your subject.
  • Please fill out ALL questions on the application, and fill them out as thoroughly as possible.
  • Please do not push for a specific character. The fun of a stamping community is seeing what others pick up on in your personality.
  • Although not strictly forbidden, it is better not to use an icon/userpic with any particular character on it when submitting your application. Some voters may just pick up on the visual cue and vote for that character.
  • We appreciate individuality and freedom of speech. However, please try to keep all language to that which would be acceptable on Once Upon A Time (ie, light swearing is okay, but try to stay away from extremely harsh language like f-bombs and other words that seem to be deemed more offensive). Please also do not include any explicit depictions of sex or violence, or any images that are not safe for work (NSFW).
  • Do not change the formatting of the application.
  • Do not try to tag your submissions. The mods will do that.
  • You must be stamped with a regular character stamp before you may submit applications for any of our themes.
  • All entries to the community will be moderated and released from the queue as soon as the mods are able. In the event of a sudden influx of applications, the submissions may be released on a staggered basis so as not to overwhelm voters.
  • You may screen the comments to your application if you do not wish for people to simply "sheep" vote (vote for whatever the people before them voted). However, you may not selectively screen- for example, you want to be stamped as Emma, but there's currently an alarmingly high number of votes for Regina. You cannot screen the votes for Regina and leave only the votes for Emma visible in the hopes of people sheeping you as Emma. In that situation you may screen votes, as long as you screen allvotes. Be advised also that sometimes people just get stuck on a vote and seeing other people's reasoning may help them to decide.
  • Your application will be stamped after receiving five of the same vote, or after two weeks, whichever comes first. If you find yourself waiting longer, please contact the mods. The only exception will be in the case of a tie of more than three stamps, or on an application with screened comments where there is no clear winner. In those cases, voting will be extended an additional week, and if the application has screened comments, they will be unscreened.
  • If you do not agree with the stamp you receive, you may apply to be restamped after a period of two weeks. You may be restamped ONCE.
  • All the themes in the community will be open permanently once they have been introduced.

xXx for voting xXx

  • You must be a member of this community in order to vote on applications.
  • You must vote for all !unstamped applications and link back to them on your application.
  • Please bold your vote in your comment (example: You're more beautiful than Cinderella! You have a face like sunshine and you smell like pine needles)
  • No bashing or insulting is allowed in your comments.
  • Please vote for what you believe is the best fit, not necessarily what the other voters think or what you know the applicant is pulling for.
  • Please include any elaboration possible in your comment. Sometimes all you can get is a vibe, but please try and elaborate for the applicant's sake.
  • For the purposes of this community, any characters who have counterparts in both Storybrooke and Fairy Tale Land will count as ONE stamp. So your stamp may just say "Snow White," but that would include any votes for Mary Margaret.
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