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Once Upon A Time Stamping

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Welcome to ouat_stamping, a stamping community based on ABC's Once Upon A Time. A stamping community is a community in which your peers read the application you have submitted and give their vote as to which character from a specific set you most remind them of. The main stamp for this community will be the Character Stamp (ie, the character who you are most like), though there will be new themes introduced roughly every month. You must be stamped as a character before you may participate in any of the themes.
1. First and foremost, this is a flame-free, troll-free, drama-free community.
2. You must join the community to submit an application and to vote on applications.
3. You must be stamped with a regular character stamp before you may submit applications for any of our themes (You may vote on any applications, even if you have not been stamped yet).
4. You must vote on any unstamped applications before your application will be accepted.
5. All entries to the community will be moderated.
6. Your application will be stamped after receiving five of the same vote, or after two weeks, whichever comes first.
7. For the purposes of this community, all characters who exist in both Fairy Tale Land and Storybrooke will be considered ONE character. For example, Mary Margaret Blanchard and Snow White will be the same stamp, as will Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin, Mayor Regina/Queen Regina, etc. As far as we know, the only characters who have no real presence in Fairy Tale Land are Henry and Emma.
7. All themes will remain open permanently once they are introduced.
8. For a complete set of rules, please read this entry.
The html for the main character stamp is included in the text area below. Remember to include Once Upon A Time as your subject line to let us know that you've read the rules. If your subject line does not include Once Upon A Time, your application will be rejected from the queue.
Here's a list of awesome OUAT comms and also stamping comms. If you would like to affiliate with ouat_stamping, please comment to this post. If you'd like to link back to the community, feel free to use the button below.



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We mods know we are a newish community, and we truly want everyone who wants to be part of the community to be able to participate. However, like any community, we have rules. The main rule in this community is that you MUST vote on ALL unstamped applications before your application will be posted. We hate being hard-asses, but the only way a stamping community will work is if every member who can vote does. You can find links to the unstamped applications in the sidebar in 2 separate areas- on the links list and in the tags list (!unstamped). You can also click on the !unstamped tag on any unstamped entry, and it will pull up all other unstamped entries. You must also prove that you've checked all of the !unstamped entries by commenting to the "Unstamped Application Control" post.

This is the second time we've had to remind about voting, and as much as it pains us, we're going to have to start rejecting applications from the queue if you have not voted on any and all unstamped applications. It is not what we really want to do, but it is only fair to those members who do follow the rules to make sure that everyone is following the rules. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.